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About Us

Good Prospects Speech Pathology is an independent speech pathology practice which is committed to quality, evidence based service with a focus on the communication skills of children and adults in all their contexts across the lifespan.


Direct Referrals from families, childcare centres, pre-schools and schools are welcome. Appointments will be organised on availability. After hours and Saturday appointments are available.


Good Prospects Speech Pathology is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and welcomes participants in this scheme. We will work with you to realise your goals and ensure that proper service agreements are put in place at the commencement of your time with us. We are based in locations with the NDIS is being fully rolled out and welcome more adult clients as the scheme becomes available to them after July 2017


Good Prospects Speech Pathology have an inclusive focus, preferring to work with families, care and educational bodies in a positive, goal directed and cooperative manner. We look at the whole person across the lifespan.


If you are reading this because you are searching for a Speech-Language Pathologist, please consider that neither the lowest or the highest fees necessarily means you are getting the best value for money or the intervention that will best suit you.

Professional Support and Leadership Team

Good Prospects Speech Pathology prides itself on having and developing the best speech pathologists possible. Key to this is strong professional support for all staff whatever their level of experience. Our professional support and leadership team work hands on with clients and alongside all staff to ensure that this is possible.


Diana Bleby

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Deidre Baird

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Speech Pathologists


Kim Adams

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Rachel Frost

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Eden Johnstone

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Emma Knight

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Lakkari Rigney

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Good Communication Skills - The Key to Success in Education, Health and Life

Good Prospects Speech Pathology is an independent practice based in the inner north of Adelaide and further north in Salisbury, Gawler and Berri. We have highly experienced speech-language pathologists who are up to date with current practice and research providing excellent outcomes for clients and families. All speech pathologists in the practice are recognised as experience Certified Practising Speech Pathologists, and each one has specific specialisations in different areas. The practice caters for clients across the lifespan. This includes work with:

  • Very young children who are yet to develop language skills (in conjunction with their main carers)
  • Early and Pre-School Language Skills
  • Speech Delays and Disorders in both children and adults
  • School age language and literacy skills
  • Speech and language skills in the adolescent population
  • Fluency or stuttering intervention for children and adults
  • Voice difficulties in children and adults
  • Intervention for children with complex developmental needs or disabilities
  • Cleft Palate and craniofacial intervention
  • Dysphagia or swallowing therapy
  • Mealtime Management
  • Stroke and degenerative illness intervention

The practice has an inclusive focus, working with families, care and educational bodies in a positive, goal directed and cooperative manner.  It looks at the whole person across the lifespan.  Speech-Language Pathologists work to help improve communication skills in a number of areas and with a range of age groups.  The prevention of communication difficulties is a crucial part of the speech –language pathologist’s role.  Our practice is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Please use their access checker at to see if you may be eligible for this service.  Please feel free to explore this website further and any queries will be answered by Diana Bleby (Principal Speech Pathologist) or Chrissi Crouch (Practice Support and Development Officer) via telephone or email as quickly as possible.



What We Offer
  • Assessment
  • Screening
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Preventative Programs
  • Training and Development
  • NDIS funded services
  • FAHCSIA Funded Services
  • School and pre-school based services
  • DVA clients
  • Nursing home visits
  • Return to Work – SA services
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